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About Us

With more than 20 year's experience in the lighting industry, STL Lighting is a superior lighting agency representing a wide variety of North American lighting manufacturers. We have a vast professional network within the distribution and contracting communities in the GTA area. We specialize in lighting solutions for various projects in healthcare, education, residential, corporate as well as customization for sporting and transportation venues.

Our Story

STL Lighting Group was established in 1994. With a determination to surpass the conventional lighting agency services, we entered the market with the ideology of superiority in every aspect of our service. 20+ years later, STL Lighting Group still operates under the same principles that have made our company efficacious and well known within the GTA area.

Our Vision

STL Lighting Group is a lighting agency that focuses on energy efficiency, creative design and seamless execution. Throughout the rapid pace of change within the lighting industry, we have ensured our staff and products exceed the expectation of standards to guarantee we continue to strive towards absolute illuminative excellence.

Our Goals

STL Lighting Group offers comprehensive service to our customers by contribution of superior quality products and service by an exceptionally experienced team. Our objective is to ensure superior products and services are offered that exceed the needs of the client and the project at the best price point.

“Illumination beyond expectation”

Hospital and Healthcare Facilities
Education and Community Projects
Residential and Corporate Solutions