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Our 2nd Annual Lightshow!
May 8th, 2019
Riga Room
Toronto Latvian Canadian Culture Centre
4 Credit Union Drive
Toronto, ON M4A 2N8.

About Us

STL Lighting Group is a full service, leading supplier of architectural lighting and controls for the Greater Toronto Area and beyond, for Ontario, Canada. We offer over 10,000 lighting products to meet your needs for any project; Commercial, Retail, Transit, Hospitality, Healthcare, Industrial, Sports, Outdoor, Residential or Custom applications. Our wide assortment of advanced LED solid-state lighting technology and systems, provides you with a dependable lighting source from our prestigious selection of high quality manufacturers.

We maintain dedicated sales and service professionals to ensure complete satisfaction on every project to deliver "ILLUMINATION BEYOND EXPECTATION". Whether you are a professional Engineer, Architect, Interior Designer, or Contractor, STL Lighting Group will strive to be your lighting supplier of choice.


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